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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Crack in the Camel's Back

The final straw that broke this camel's back has not materialise yet, but this camel has a cracked back and thinks he should take pre-emptive measures to prevent an actual break. Have not been able to log into my blog since last night. Went to bed early and surprise surprise, woke up early. And i still could not log in, WTF?!?! Not only that, i had my Angelfire account suspended a couple of days back as well. Fortunately i had 2 accounts which is why the music here plays on.

The inevitable has arrived, i'm jumping ship. For those of you who did not chance upon this site through Live Journal, i apologise for the inconvenience and have to direct you to my account there. May be temporary, may be permanent, nobody knows what the future holds right

  • www.livejournal.com/users/tckl/

  • Anyway, before i leave, i'd like to leave here with my final post.

    Had an absolutely terrible day at work yesterday, a big presentation which was 2 days in the making. The rush was blinding, the type where emails go unread for days, phone rings ignored, problems diverted to others, begging others for help etc. My colleague from another section who was presenting together with me, commented "you like got a lot to present like that" and i hinted to him that our boss was out to get me. On hindsight, i know it may not be true but it certainly felt like it. He got me to present on Mr Honeymoon in Paris' stuff as well.

    Being busy was also good to some extent, made me too busy to think about my previous post below. Reflected on it during lunch time though, never in my life would i have imagined lunch time to be a sad event, haha. But i think i am coping well, or as well as any feeling human could. What else can you expect from the King of Swish.

    As part of the healing process, i want to share this song currently playing, its so poignant

    IN MY DREAMS by REO Speedwagon

    There was a time some time ago
    When every sunrise meant a sunny day, oh a sunny day
    But now when the morning light shines in
    It only disturbs the dreamland where I lay, oh where I lay
    I used to thank the lord when I’d wake
    For life and love and the golden sky above me
    But now I pray the stars will go on shinin’, you see in my dreams you love me

    Daybreak is a joyful time
    Just listen to the songbird harmonies, oh the harmonies
    But I wish the dawn would never come
    I wish there was silence in the trees, oh the trees
    If only I could stay asleep, at least I could pretend you’re thinkin’ of me
    ’cause nighttime is the one time I am happy, you see in my dreams

    We climb and climb and at the top we fly
    Let the world go on below us, we are lost in time
    And I don’t know really what it means
    All I know is that you love me, in my dreams

    I keep hopin’ one day I’ll awaken, and somehow she’ll be lying by my side
    And as I wonder if the dawn is really breakin’
    She touches me and suddenly I’m alive

    Friday, November 05, 2004

    It Takes Two Hands to Clap

    Thought of the Day: It takes two hands to clap, but only one to swish

    My shameless flirting in recent days has borne fruit. For those of you who have been regular readers here, you may know that i have this thing for Kevin. For the second time, he subtlely hinted how he wasn't ready to enter any relationship. So i decided to clear the air on the matter, and asked him directly if he was trying to hint something to me and he said yes. He does not want to lead me on and he sees potential in our friendship and this is not the correct time for him.

    Having given advice to so many of my friends on relationship issues it sure feels different standing on the other side of the fence. Not having been in a situation where i felt special about that certain someone has probably made me a "numbass" to emotions. Which i guess is why i can dish out emotionally neutral advice. But alas, the emotional element is more powerful than i had given it credit for.

    I'm feeling disappointed, surely, but i think i shouldn't show it too much because it will make him feel bad.... awwww, that's so sweet of him. Which is what makes him so special, together with his intellect (he makes me feel pleasantly stupid sometimes) and how he laughs at my jokes.

    Anyway, i'm so glad that the air is cleared and i know where i stand. Erm.... perhaps i know where i stand now, but the future's still open.

    Who knows when or where
    Our time is gonna come
    I only know that I care to live each day like this
    With a kiss and I promise I’m not going

    Thursday, November 04, 2004

    Diet Summary for Aliferiel

    Whoa… I’m having a terrible day and there is no end in site yet :(

    Suffered a temporary brain shut down before lunch and vegetated on my chair until my colleague asked me if i'm alright... anyway, suffering from one now so i'll briefly outline my diet in response to aliferiel query

    In February this year i decided to go on the Atkins Diet and that as you know is a low carb diet. I kept away from rice, noodles, pasta, flour, starch etc including SUGAR!!! So essentially i ate vegetables and meat. A typical day would be sausages/ham/cheese/eggs for breakfast, low carb bread (bread mix from GNC) for tea, salad and steak/fish/pork/chicken for lunch, tofu/eggs/cheese/low carb protein bar for tea then dinner i'll usually have a some meat fried with some veges. I'll also take a daily multi-vit tablet to ensure that my vitamins and minerals are supplemented.

    This diet is so damn boring because the variety is rather limited as you can imagine. No, i stand corrected, it is not boring but i kept craving for my prata, char kueh teow, chicken rice, chai tao keuh etc

    To compliment the diet, i do cardio exercises 5 to 6 times weekly... except when i am unwell then i will have to skip... i will bitch about that but deep down i am just happy happy happy for the break, haha

    After 2 months and 13 kgs later, i stopped the diet and tried to maintain my weight without success. I was on hydroxycut for 10 weeks without success. Skipped dinner most of the time without results. After gaining about 7 to 8 kgs back, i decided to go back on the diet 3 months back. This time around, i was not as strict as before and allowed myself to eat out during lunch instead of bringing food from home. After 2.5 months and almost 10 kgs later, i have stopped my 2nd diet and am now on a supposed low calorie diet instead.

    Since February till now, the gym schedule has been consistent throughout.

    So far not much side effects from the low carb diet except for the carb withdrawal in the first few days of the diet where i will get headaches and lethargy. The diet also causes bad breath and constipation. When i first started in Feb, i followed their recommended vege intake but during the 2nd round i threw that out the window so bowel movement is better. That's about it i guess, unless you have any other questions :)

    The New SAFRA Gym

    O....M....G.... I weighed myself for the 2nd time into my 5 day old diet and i'm still losing weight despite the crap i have been stuffing into my face the past week. So pleased :) My initial expectations was that i'll put on 2 to 3 kgs in the initial part, like what happened after my 1st diet. A few days ago, i checked that my weight was 1kg up from last weekend. By today, i already lost that 1kg and a bit more on top of that. OK, stay calm... don't get too excited, deep breathes.

    Had to pick up something near Telok Blangah so decided to visit the spanking new SAFRA Bukit Merah (??) or they call it SAFRA Telok Blangah, or Mt Faber??? Whatever. First thing that i hated, it is glass walls all around. Oh no, so Cali gym wannabe. Went in and to my horror, it was about the same size as the old gym (as if that was not small enough) but the difference now is they added more machines so the place was so cramped :(

    And yesterday being their 3rd day of operation, the population of gym-goers has tripled from a usually less than 10 crowd to yesterday's more than 20 crowd. Then with the crampiness, there is like no place for you to "hang out" its like you have to be at a certain spot to do certain thing or else clear off.... that type of feeling lor. BLEAH, so disappointing. And the changing room only has 2 tiny benches, down from the 3 they used to have >:(

    ok, ok, on the plus side the swimming pool was just next to the side door so if the glasses don't fog up too much, you can actually see if got any action happening there or not :P will go swimming there one fine afternoon.

    When i went to take my shower, i stepped into a shower cubicle, hung up my towel, proceeded to the shower tap and instinctly looked up at the shower head. WTF??? Where's the shower head?!?! Don't tell me this cubicle still not ready yet. Then i looked overhead, OMG, the shower head is those large overhead types that give you the rain effect, machiam like those used in spas or something. Oo oo, must try! must try! so i turned it on and i was like chey.... no big deal what, ok lah, maybe i don't need to spin around anymore but if i don't spin around then how i know got people peeping or not, haha.

    One problem with their showers though, it is installed with a Delayed Reaction Device (haha)... bloody almost scalded myself because the cold water takes a few seconds to react and by the time you find out its too cold, it takes another few seconds to get hot again. The pipes are too long i guess.

    Met up with Kevin for a second evening in a row, that's an achievement since most people i meet change their handphone numbers after our first meeting, haha.... kidding lah :P Managed to get his mp3 cable from my friend, silly boy threw his cable away during his spring cleaning and have been complaining about his world of silence. Met his Da Jie as well, found him a bit on the quiet side though. Sent both of them home while enjoying the conversation we had. For the second night in a row, Kevin dropped something in the car... hmmm.... must be his ploy for us to meet again... haha. The previous night was his mobile, which i fortunately saw before he walked away, last night was his lighter which was too dark to see. tsk tsk, so careless :P

    Jiao Ni

    OK, this one's dedicated to Kevin especially since he said he can't wait for it :)

    Wednesday, November 03, 2004

    Death of a Diet

    Day 4 of my post diet diet and i can safely call the pastor to perform the funeral rites... no 3 words can describe my predicament better... sinful sinful sinful.

    Here's the scoop, yesterday (monday) i followed my working day's diet until dinner time. Throughout the day, i was quite hungry, the meals i had did not maintain me till the next small meal so i snacked on low fat rice cakes in between. Met the gang for dinner last night, bought fish head curry and a few dishes from Ocean Curry in Toa Payoh. Ate too much, fell asleep while watching Hairy Potter dvd.

    Today i claimed my day off for working over saturday night. Went to see the doctor to have a look at the numbness in my foot, and since it was time for a small meal, decided to go to the hawker centre (haha, big mistake). Had my first mee pok in probably 4 to 5 months, wah, blissful siaz. Had a char siew pao for snack, steak for dinner, and ice cream for supper. Aiyah, it feels so wrong but so what, i think i deserve a break once in a while. OK, no more cheating..... this week :P

    Helped Kastaway with his PC problem this afternoon... ok, maybe not, because after what we went thru, the problem still persists... this despite consulting my technical experts from the office. Oh well, the mystery continues. Met Kevin for coffee... er.... for ice cream in the evening, did not expect him to be so tall despite the fact that he already told me his height previously. I think he looks cuter in person than in his pictures. Oh, saw his best str8 friend, Matt, also cuter in person than in the photos... haha. Had a good time chatting with him. He may be planning a karaoke session with his sistas and Kastaway to have a friendly competition... maybe they will call it AJ Idol.

    At the coffee club, my seat was back to back with this disgusting guy with long hair, his hair kept brushing my back and shoulders *shudders*. When i leaned back slightly, i kept leaning into his back, just felt so uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Found out later it was actually Chen Hanwei, *pui pui pui*.... *burn clothes and go for skin graft operation*

    Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    Wo He Ni Part 3

    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    2nd Day of Post Diet Diet

    So far, this new diet is not going as planned :P

    It is just too difficult on a weekend to keep to a planned diet. Sometimes when you are out and about, it is just not practical to look for no fat, balanced carb and protein meals. Even eating at home, it is too much of an imposition to have my family suffer the low cal food just because of me, so i'd rather just eat what everybody else is eating. The fact that i have to keep meals small and eat 5 meals alone requires some getting used to as well.

    Had a couple of protein shakes so far, they were alright, and could last me 2.5 to 3 hours. Tomorrow back to work would be a better gauge as a workday is more routine and meal times more regular.

    Friday was the wedding, yesterday was the post-wedding delivery, had to help the bride and groom run errands like returning of the gowns and suits, transporting of the unconsumed alcohol etc. Got 2 bottles of wine for my effort *grin*.

    Having been in close proximity with the groom the past 2 days has really caused me to start re-examining our strained relationship. It is evident that he has come a long way since a year back. But i still have that fear of being overly depended upon which i felt was a real problem back then. I don't mind being depended upon but i mind having my helpful disposition abused. Anyways, they are flying off to Paris for their 2 week honeymoon so that'll leave me some time for thoughtful reflections. But it is likely that i'll go with the flow and see how things progress from there.

    Oh, i'm sure that it was the alcohol talking, but the most uncomfortable moment during the wedding was when i posed for a pic with the groom and he called me his best friend. I definitely don't feel the same way, no where near... but i kinda hope he sees it too. Sounds so much like unrequited love, maybe because it is. Then again, i'm sure we all had suffered varying degrees of this at one time or another.

    A couple more shots from the 26th floor, if you are familiar with the Singapore landscape, this was taken from the Concorde Hotel. Thanks Kevin for trying, you'll get a complimentary tea drink on Tuesday, haha.

    Photos From Level 26

    Almost 6am and still no end in sight for this crappy exercise :(

    Started getting sleepy from 3am onwards but could not get to sleep probably because no comfortable snooze spots can be found...

    Anyway, while waiting for them to figure out what's wrong, i decided to post a few pics i took on the wedding night:

    The roof of the hotel, looks kinda spooky.

    A shot looking down from level 26, was worried i'll drop my camera

    My favourite shot, was quite an impressive hotel, any guesses which hotel?

    Saturday, October 30, 2004

    Yummmmmmm Seng!

    Whoa, what an eventful day yesterday… despite the hangover this morning, I feel that its worth the discomfort, haha

    The bride sms-ed me the night before asking me to show up earlier because they wanted to decorate the ah yee car… but I did not know they wanted to tie ribbons on the boot and bonnet as well *roll eyes*

    The groom’s other “brother” did the ribbon tying, not exactly professional lah but at least can tell he has done this before. For ease of reference, I shall refer to him as Bragger because I can’t stand all his bragging about stuff like wanting to get a cherry picker to raise the groom up to the bride’s window, getting welding equipment to cut open the bride’s lock *severe roll eyes* He came up with such suggestions because he seems to have kang tao for every damn thing under the sun.

    The trip to the bride’s place was relatively painless. The main door was wide opened despite Bragger bringing along an electronic drill and safety goggles *eyes too tired to roll at the moment* What the “sisters” did instead was to form a line in front of the bedroom door and insisted the groom finish a drink. I gathered that it was not unpleasant tasting so that was easy enough. Then they wanted the groom and his “brothers” to sing and dance. WTF, I hate stuff like that… but fortunately the groom said “leave them out of this”. When he said that, I felt a certain sense of pride in him because I think this was partially borne from our falling out over a year back, I labeled him insensitive and self-centered and somehow I do see the change in him.

    First surprise came when the roast pig was delivered to the groom’s place… which means someone had to carry it over later. Hmmm, I wonder who could it be. Moi of course, because between me and Bragger, me would be the more erm…. physically unchallenged one. The groom wanted to carry it himself but I did not let him because it was not appropriate and the pig was oily, and he is too short and out of shape. :P The weight of the pig surprised me, despite my working out, my arms were shivering in the lift because of the weight. After delivering the pig, and after the tea ceremony there, the question was posed as to what was to be done with the pig. The bride’s mum said the pork seller is supposed to cut it up. The rest were puzzled, and wondered what pork seller she was talking about. She thought it was me -_- WTF??? Do I fucking look like a pork seller? Geez. Yeah yeah, joke about it go ahead. No char siew for you!

    Due to a delay in schedule and a few unexpected loose ends to tie up, I only managed to get home, shower, change, msn for 5 minutes and head out for the dinner. Did not want to drive, so had to book a cab as I was late already. Had to oversee the dinner arrangements so met up with the banquet manager at 5pm for the briefing. We had some chill time before the dinner started so I decided to bring down all the stuff myself from the room to the ballroom. I caught them in the middle of their own staff briefing and it went something like that:

    Today 29th October 2004 is the wedding of Mr so-and-so to so-and-so. We will have cocktails starting at 7pm and dinner will be served between 8pm and 8.45pm. First dish is this this this, second dish is this this this…. for dessert, we have this this this. OK, everyone close your menus. You, what is the 3rd dish? You, what is dessert?

    I was like :O

    Need to memorize meh, so high-class-wannabe siaz. To prevent their efforts from going to waste, I should have gone around during dinner and approach all the waiters/waitresses to ask “You, what is the 5th dish?” and “tell me the bride’s name” etc. Haha.

    Dinner ended smoothly for the guests despite a few hiccups for us. We went up to the bridal suite to enjoy the 6 jugs of beer provided free by the banquet manager :) Unfortunately, of the 8 of us upstairs, the bride and groom had enough liquor for the night while another “sister” was driving, I helped down a jug on my own and my urine reeked of beer/alcohol smell this morning. The drinking session got a little outta hand though, Bragger and another “drinking brother” got so noisy that the neighbours lodged a complaint to security. Haha, that kinda dampened our moods.

    I Am Drunk, I Think So Lah

    After 8 beers and 2 brandies... i think i am drunk now. Surprisingly i am still in control of my thoughts, but i cannot say the same for my co-ordination though haha.... tried to walk a straight line 5 times but failed, haha... talked a lot of cock tonight so it was all fun.

    Unfortunately, i cannot keep my eyes opened and the typing is killing me so i will report more after i had my good sleep *yawn*

    Thursday, October 28, 2004

    Another Over-Nighter

    Oh CRAP! This Sunday morning have to come back to office in the wee hours again. I absolutely hate that… it kinda means that I will have to nap on Saturday afternoon and turn up to office just before midnight. So I asked the guy what time my 2 systems are coming up, and the guy in charge said system 1 between midnight and 1am, system 2 between 1am and 4am. WTF? 1am to 4am is 3 fucking hours excuse me, you mean you cannot decide on a more accurate time than that? Oh, depends on how long it takes to complete the job, but you can help out with other things in the meantime.


    Whatever, shit head.

    So if I get home after 6am (exercise ends at 6am actually), that means I will hit the sack and sleep till late afternoon :( Haiyah, this really screws up my weekend I tell you.

    Just asked my colleague whether for the last exercise he claimed off and he said yes. WTF, they never offered time off what. He said must ask for it or else they just keep quiet. Fuckers you know, this time around I WILL ask for it, enough of letting them cheat my weekend time.

    Anyways, tomorrow on leave because I’m helping out at my colleague’s wedding. Driving the Ah Yee car during the daytime. Tempted not to drive to the dinner so that I can get drunk and hitch a ride home…. haha. But being the supposed guy in charge of dinner co-ordination, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to get tipsy. The only other time in my life when I got drunk was earlier this year when we went pub hopping and finally landed up in Tabz. By the time we got to Tabz (which was our fourth stop) I was stumbling up the stairs leading to level 3.

    Aiyah, not the chiak lat stumbling, hands waving, song singing, vulgarities swearing kind of drunk lah, but I could tell my co-ordination was a bit off. :P

    Anyway, the groom was going thru some last minute stuff with me the other night, then he started telling me all the problems he had been facing leading up to his wedding. After our falling out over a year back, we have not had many personal talks like that and somehow I still feel uncomfortable returning back to that level of friendship we used to have. Geez, I just hope he doesn’t expect that from me just because I have agreed to help out. Not that I’m unforgiving, but he’s just so self-centered and I kinda gotten frustrated with his crap.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    I Hate the Future Me

    I hate hunks, i really do... not that i feel inferior to them, i just think they are so unattractive and ugly. Yesterday at the gym, this hunk had to get totally naked next to me and dry himself slowly... of course i did not give him the satisfaction so i pointed my butt towards him *pui* not everyone goes for hunks ok.

    Then why the fuck am i trying so desperately to be one? *scratches head* (then the backside then the balls). Truth be told, my bone structure prohibits me from having the lean and tone look, my bones are like that of dinosaurs' (no kastaway, i mean they are as big as dinosaurs', not as old, asshole).

    Like i told Kevin, i feel so hypocritical, becoming someone whom i hate. Why am i bringing this up? It is nothing new but having varied my workout the past week or two, i just found my bicep growing by like 20% in the past 10 days. Its happening a little too quickly and the reality is beginning to sink in, and i'm like constantly questioning my intentions.

    I know why i'm doing all these, to be more attractive. But i just don't know if that is a good enough reason or not. Why can't i be of a smaller build? Average build, average height is all good. Big boned and tall, its just so wrong.

    At the yong tau hoo stall yesterday, the lady kept asking me to xiao xing, xiao xing, she was afraid i knock my head on her signboard. Stupid signboard, raise it higher lah, all your customers so short meh? What i can't stand is she kept telling her husband how tall i was and in danger of knocking her stupid signboard *roll eyes*.

    Oh, then there is this coffee shop we frequent, the guy who collects the money sits below a hanging tv, and everytime after my food is ready, they put it in front of the "cashier" and i will knock my head on the tv rack while paying. You'd think i will be smart enough but i'm not lor, i knocked my head 4 consecutive times despite each time telling myself to pay extra attention to the tv. CCB. Baluku.

    Social Life Suicide

    Hmmm… I’m in a bit of a pickle, assuming that I follow my post diet diet strictly, I can only eat unhealthy food once a week. If I plan to follow the training schedule strictly, I would need to go gym every weekday night and either on Saturday or Sunday. Every weekday dinner will be a post-workout protein shake. So my social life how?

    This new problem challenged me 2 nights back when we were discussing what we are doing for our next outing and they said “eat this this this” or we can have “that that that” and I was like wait wait wait… as if I was not already a royal pain in the neck forcing them to eat relatively low carb food the past almost 2+ months, now I’m telling them I can’t socialize anymore. Actually can lah, go and watch them eat while I drink my protein shake.

    Same goes for my scheduled meeting with Kevin next week, we are just meeting for coffee but I had to ask what drinks do they serve… alamak, I so tai tai I tell you. Having to lay off caffeine means coffee and tea is out, and that includes Diet Coke as well. Laying off sugar means soft drinks are out. Oh, that means that as long as they serve plain water I’m fine lor, GEEZ.

    Talking about Diet Coke, I wonder what Diet Sprite tastes like….wonder wonder wonder, I wonder where I can get it, wonder wonder wonder. *turns to fyxxit* Just one can will do, if that’s allowed on-board. HAHA, I’m shameless.

    Anyways, I essentially need to learn how to balance off this diet crap and my social life. One of my dinner kakis is currently going thru a rough patch now which makes me all the more NOT want to cancel all social engagements. Haiz, I should stop complaining now.

    Oh, not yet, one more gripe I need to get off my chest. 5 small meals a day, and have to eat every 2 to 3 hours. One of the meals can be a protein shake (haha, sounds like something naughty) comprising protein powder and skim milk, but how the hell is that going to last me 2 to 3 hours? I don’t get it lor. Haha, u guys will find out this weekend when my journey begins.

    Tuesday, October 26, 2004

    My Prawn Noodles Got Worms

    Was so surprised to find out that Jes and i had dinner at virtually the same place last night, the restaurant i was at is just next to where he was eating... luckily did not bump into him or else all my food will be gone siaz.

    Funny thing happened during dinner last night, i wrote it on the following jpg:

    Helped Jes last night to upload an mp3. Don't know what's up with his PC, keeps getting an error message. He ain't a computer expert for sure, haha :P He said i was patient, but i think he over-say already :)

    Had a medical appointment first thing this morning, saw a really cute intern doctor... and he entered my doctor's consultation room, YAY!!! Gave him a big smile when i went into the room, he nodded and smiled back... geez man, luckily this type of appointment don't need to drop my pants :P Oops, a fantasy just entered my mine... and it involves that doctor examining me.... doctor, i can't seem to cum, can u show me the correct way... haha, sick.

    After getting back to the office, first thing the auditor wanted was an interview, haiz.... here we go again...

    auditor: your policy mentioned blah blah blah, but it is not performed...
    me: this pose no risk, and the purpose of the policy serves as a deterrent only.
    auditor: but you see.... but i think that... well maybe....
    me: (sensing her awkward disposition) wait... don't feel bad to raise this as a point, you have to do what you have to while we will answer to the points you raise, i got no problems with that
    auditor: (sheepishly) oh ok, haha, the thing is i seldom come across clients who have such high (security) standards

    Haha! i just got complimented on my job *wide grin... a kastaway grin*, too bad it is only the outsiders who appreciate what we are doing and not my own 2 bosses. Makes me want to leave this job even more and let them handle the crap themselves.

    Ended today with a trip to the gym, geez, many cuties there tonight, both my No.2 and No.3 were around, and i exchanged a few glances with No.2, haha. Oh, maybe i should explain, i number the cuties because i don't know their names, so i relate them via my ranking system. Too bad No.1 was not there tonight, else i could have a mental orgy with all 3 of them.

    Monday, October 25, 2004

    Goodbye SAFRA Bukit Merah

    Sinful, absolutely sinful. My buffet steamboat dinner at Marina South was so wrong in terms of my dieting but i don't care lah... once in a while must indulge a bit. Will need to pay for it the next few days at the gym but so what, heh heh.

    I have this on-going contest with my auntie colleague, we play Lom Chiam Pas whenever we get to a traffic light. Lame lah, but it kills time i guess. 10 games make one set. Three sets won and the other party buys dinner. After more than a year, i have never lost 3 sets before, but she has lost about 10 dinners to me already. Hey, before you draw your conclusions, i have never taken advantage of this, each time she lost and bought dinner, i would buy the next round as we have always done. Anyway, i won a set earlier and i won it with a "bird"... being so happy with myself, i held my bird sign to rub it in. She then unknowingly asked "show your bird so long for what?" I replied "if i show my bird short short then you will laugh lor" Haha.

    At SAFRA Bukit Merah gym yesterday, this guy was telling another guy "take your time, today is the last weekend". Hmmm... wonder why that guy is no longer coming back... maybe he got tired of the "all-in-one" soap dispenser (all-in-one as in soap, shampoo and lubricant). Or perhaps he wanted more upmarket machines... then i found out, this is the last week of SAFRA BM because this weekend it shifts to the new Mount Faber SAFRA. Oh no!!! I don't really frequent this branch but i actually signed up for my gym membership here, and for me it holds a certain level of nostalgia. I even used to work in this building many years back when my then employer rented some space in the building. Anyway, like the chinese saying goes, old things don't go, new things don't come, so i guess must look forward. But hor, they going to shift the old gym equipment over so it kinda tells u something also lor.

    Oh, was chatting with someone on MSN last night and i sent him my pic... he said i was good looking *looks on the floor with a shy grin*.... that was my first ever gay compliment on my looks ever... so far i only get the "good looking" comment from str8 guy friends, and female friends and colleagues before. OK, maybe its because i not in the gay circles that much, but that comment totally made my day. I feel like a shallow slut, haha.

    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    Before and After

    Why am i still on my old diet? At first i told myself i needed to finish off my stock of low carb food... then i told myself i need to get some stuff to organise my post diet diet, but analysing my pathetic self, it is just that i'm a coward. I am afraid to go on this diet because i fear that i will put on weight. Which i find totally stupid lor, if it does not work then just revert back lor. But i think it may be more than that, i think the changes i have to make to what i can eat, and the changes in gym lifestyle is too drastic. OK, enough excuses, this week is the final week of my low carb diet *deep breathes*

    Went on sort of a shopping spree after gym today. Walked past Royal Sporting House and got myself a pair of shoes, not that i needed it, but just for standby. Did not take long to decide cos it was $60 and my shoe size had always been hard to find.

    Stocked up on my vit-c and finally found a new bottle for my protein shake. i need one that could contain around 750ml and fit my cooler box which is kind short. Managed to find one at cold storage, YAY! Also bought a gnc shaker for my friend. He has been dissolving his protein powder in hot water because he can't dissolve it in cold water... but i don't think hot water's good for such mixes.

    Did up my before and after pics then decided not to post them because the novelty has worn off. I used to get such a kick out of seeing it but when i saw them again, it just reminded me that i'm still so far off from the body that i want.

    But then again, i said i was going to post them already, which was also the reason why i signed up with the photo hosting service, so i thought that i should. If you just had your dinner, you may want to view it later after the food has digested :P

    After losing weight, my didi did grow longer and it almost touches the floor now, but i digitally erased it, HAHAHA.

    Oh, while taking the "after" photos above, decided on a few more bodily shots since i was naked. Kind of liked my flexed arms, not there yet but slowly getting there i hope

    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    And Let There be Music

    Haha, i managed to get my music up thanks to Kastaway who sent the email to Kevin, and Kevin to me... thanks guys.

    Was on msn with kevin78 last night, and he finds this site and its contents somewhat crude... haha... i think he was too polite to call it vulgar. But then again, its meant to be like that i guess. In life, we seldom get the chance to be so vulgar without drawing stares and disapproving frowns, so why not do it here in the relative privacy of an internet blog :)

    So to all visitors, please don't be offended by my language here, and feel free to leave a vulgar comment yourself, as long as its done tastefully :P

    ------- this section is for fyxxit (and those who wants to try adding music to their Xanga blog) ------

    Step 1, create a free account with Angelfire

    Step 2, click on upload file and load your mp3 onto Angelfire.

    Step 3, log onto your Xanga account, under Edit select Look and Feel

    Step 4, towards the bottom, there is a Music URL field, enter the path of your mp3, e.g. http://www.angelfire.com/[username]/[songname].mp3 where [username] and [songname] is dependant on your own settings lah

    Step 5, click on the Save Changes button and you're done..... hopefully..... i say hopefully because it looks like the angelfire site is down at the moment :(

    Friday, October 22, 2004

    Crap Doesn't Stop Just Because Its A Weekend

    Was so looking forward to the weekend, got a few things i wanted to do. Then big boss called me in at 4pm, "i want to discuss this on Monday"

    But but but i got no background on this... which means i need to go thru a 700 page document before the meeting :O


    What a mood spoiler.

    If you think homework ends with your school days, think again :(

    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    Wo He Ni Part 2

    OK, so i screwed up the translation of the Wo He Ni part i. Anyway, i came up with Wo He Ni part ii, so enjoy :P